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Ethan and Rebekah Palmquist
Certified Family Teachers


Employed Since:

June 2014

Why we came to Mooseheart:

We felt called to help children in a way that is professionally and personally gratifying and stays true to the needs of the kids. We believe that this is truly our mission field and we hope to be an example of true faith to the girls in our home through our example, our care, and our love.

Fun Facts:

  • We love to exercise! We have done kettlebell classes, CrossFit, and a few 5k/10k mud run obstacle races since being here.
  • My (Ethan’s) parents are also Family Teachers and we started on the exact same day so there are 3 generations of Palmquists on campus!

What we love about Mooseheart:

We both love the sense of community that we have gathered in our time here. We are lucky enough to have a lot of family that also works here, so we have a true sense of comfort from living here and being so close to everyone!

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