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Katie Riddle, Certified Family Teacher


Employed Since:

September 2010

Why I came to Mooseheart:

I stepped onto Mooseheart’s campus in July of 2010 and immediately felt like I was home. The campus was beautiful, and the people were welcoming. It seemed like a fantastic place to have a positive, meaningful impact on the lives of children in need and to grow personally and professionally.

What I love about Mooseheart:

Mooseheart is truly what you make it. I made it my home. I am fully invested in the community, my co-workers, and the youth I care for. I have had the privilege of helping raise more than 40 elementary boys. I love their astounding energy, their sometimes-unintentional humor, and their unquenchable curiosity. I love seeing them work hard and practice new skills and then finally succeed. The joy and pride they have in their accomplishments is unlike any other.

Fun Fact:

  • I enjoy country line-dancing, photography, video games, board games, sushi, Ohio State Football, and Christmas!

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