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Henderson Family
Certified Family Teachers


What attracted you to wanting to work at Mooseheart as a Family Teacher?

As a Christian family, we have been praying for the Lord to place us in the best place to serve Him. Some of the work we have taken on before included helping families going through homelessness in Duluth, MN and teaching elementary students in Chicago. We feel that our experiences naturally led us to Mooseheart. Working with adults who were struggling in life showed us how important it is to help children before they fall into bad habits. And working with children in schools reminded us how schools can do little to help a child if the home life is broken.

What are you enjoying about your early experience at Mooseheart as Family Teachers?

We have been here three months now. Even though it’s a slow process, being able to earn the trust of the middle school boys we live with has been the most rewarding. The campus itself continues to amaze us as well. The beauty of nature here and the lake are always a source of inspiration. Finally, the amount of encouragement we get from the administration and other Family Teachers has been encouraging as well.

Fun Fact:

A fun fact about our family is how diverse our interests are. Maweja has always enjoyed sports, particularly basketball and Gunes (Gu-nesh) has been very much interested in music and singing. Our kids took almost none of those interests. Eren likes to work out and study FOREX in his free time, and Esin has been doing dance since she was two. It’s always fun to see what the Lord has planned for us!

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