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As we have watched the tragic events in Minnesota unfold, and the ensuing reactions across not only our country, but the world, we feel saddened and concerned. Saddened by the fact that not all citizens are treated equally, and concerned that there is still fear and distrust among communities, ethnicities, and individuals with differing life experiences.


The Mooseheart community is represented by a very diverse group of individuals, whether students, educators, family teachers, staff or consultants. Nearly every race, religion and orientation have at one time called our campus their home and we have tried, regardless of situation, to provide the best possible life for all while they have been here.


We know that we can’t possibly see things from the same perspective, but we pledge we will continue to be there to learn, to honor and listen to one another out of respect and love. We call on others to join us in promoting tolerance, equality and respect.

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