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Mooseheart Names Casey Beckley Coordinator of Campus Ministries

Casey Beckley began his tenure as Mooseheart’s Coordinator of Campus Ministries on Jan. 8, a role that has him coordinating Sunday Protestant worship for the campus’ children and staff as well as a variety of other ministerial duties.


Included in these will be a campus Christian education class at Mooseheart school. A St. Louis native, Beckley said he has already enjoyed meeting Mooseheart’s students and has enjoyed his initial opportunities to preach to them.


“I want them to have a feeling that they can have life with God,” Beckley said. “It’s more than that they’re taken care of for eternity. In my first sermons, I am preaching on Acts, and the message is that God says He will come and live with us. Whatever ups and downs they experience, God is with them.”


Beckley earned a Master of Arts in Educational Ministries at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield. Beckley worked for InterVarsity Faith Christian Fellowship at Northern Illinois for 17 years.


“The needs here are the same,” Beckley said. “We want to know that we have a place in this world and that God created us on purpose, that we can be part of fulfilling that purpose and that we can have life with God. Those are the ultimate questions that they are asking at all ages. How they ask it may be different and how we answer it may be different.”


All Mooseheart children attend church on Sundays when they are on-campus. Beckley said this fact creates challenges as well as opportunities for the campus pastor.


“I know some of them will be more than happy when church is over, but I know some are glad to be here,” Beckley said. “Some of these kids have never been asked to go to church or would never have been brought to church otherwise. I’m almost more excited to work with that kid who has never opened his or her Bible. Introducing them to Jesus and the Scriptures for the first time is an honor.”


In his short time at Mooseheart, Beckley said he can already see the special role it plays in the lives of the children who live there.


“The thing that has impressed me is the clarity of purpose and how that transcends to the message that I keep hearing – that it’s about the kids. There’s a kind of a collective urgency that we need to do the right thing for the kids right now because children’s lives are on the line and we’ve got to do the best we can,” Beckley said.


Beckley and his wife Karen have three children and they reside in Sycamore. Catholic worship at Mooseheart continues to take place under Mike Zak.

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