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Mooseheart Celebrates Homecoming With 61-0 Football Victory over River Valley


At Friday’s homecoming pep rally, Mooseheart sophomore running back Nelson Doe helped fire up the crowd by leading them in a chant featuring his name.


Doe: “I say Nelson, you say Doe.”

Doe: “Nelson.”

Crowd: “Doe.”

Doe: “Nelson”

Crowd: “Doe”


The crowd and Doe repeated the cheer and got acquainted with one of the Ramblers young standouts. Anyone who was still unaware of Nelson Doe after that performance got plenty of practice hearing his name on Saturday afternoon, when Doe scored six touchdowns in a 61-0 Mooseheart victory over River Valley. Doe scored on runs of 29, 24 and 21 yards in the opening quarter alone. He added runs of 37 and 16 yards in the fourth quarter before returning the second half kickoff 98 yards.


“I was asking him on the sidelines, ‘is there anything you can’t do?’” Mooseheart football coach Jacob Pekofske said. “He can return kicks, run the ball, block – he was getting water when we took him out. I told him that if I had a clipboard, I’d give it to him to coach. He’s an impressive young gentleman.”


Mooseheart (2-4) gained a forfeit victory earlier this year, but Saturday’s win marked the first win in a contest since Sept. 28, 2014.


“We had a rough stretch last year,” Pekofske said. “Getting two wins now, even though one was a forfeit, makes this win a real motivational booster. Now we’ve got to drive to get five wins and see if we can make it.”


The Ramblers kept River Valley (0-6) off-balance throughout the contest and easily moved into a situation where the second half clock ran continuously due to the IHSA’s blowout rule. In addition to Doe’s five first-half touchdowns, Mooseheart got a 23-yard Michael Lowe interception return and a pair of touchdowns from Oliver Wah. Like Doe, Wah and Lowe are sophomores.


Homecoming at Mooseheart is always a special event. Moose members traveled from as far as Oklahoma and Pennsylvania and many points between to celebrate the day whose schooling and residence at Mooseheart are supported by the Fraternity. Swelling the crowd were alumni and current residents of the Child City, from preschool through high school.


“It’s special here at Mooseheart,” Pekofske said. “We had 400 people who came in early to eat and watch us do calisthenics. And then we see these young kids out here who want to grow up and play football. It’s nice to see an 8A kind of presentation go on at a 1A school.”


Mooseheart concludes its home portion of the schedule on Friday in a 7 p.m. contest against undefeated Ottawa Marquette.


“Friday nights are Friday nights and anything can happen. We know they’re good, but we’re going to come out and start working to play them,” Pekosfske said.

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