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Mooseheart Volleyball Team Drops 3-Set Match to Indian Creek


There was an incredible amount of rejoicing when Mooseheart’s volleyball team claimed the first set in its match against Indian Creek, and the reason for the celebrations was that a Kristin Shuman-coached Ramblers team had never taken a set in a match with the Timberwolves.


Mooseheart’s momentum carried through the early stages of the second set, but then Indian Creek seized control and moved to an eventual 23-25, 25-11, 25-15 victory.


“There was a lot of good stuff in the first game,” Shuman said. “They were hustling and moving and not letting the ball hit the floor. I think we only missed one serve.”


In the second set, Indian Creek used a long serving run by Katie Schilling to take its lead to 9-5, and from that point, the Timberwolves did not trail again in the match. Despite trailing on the scoreboard, Mooseheart continued to make things happen, especially with an effective block.


“They’re starting to see the court and to see the setters on the other side and see where they need to go and how fast they need to get there to get the block set,” Shuman said.


In the decisive third set, Indian Creek’s Samantha Fleming served her team to a 9-0 lead and while the Ramblers rallied repeatedly, the margin was too large to overcome.


“They fought so hard in the first game and it was such a close game,” Shuman said. “We felt just as hard in the second game, and then we lost a little energy. This is our first three-game match of the season, and the stamina wasn’t there.”


Mooseheart has a group of very experienced seniors this year, including Aishah Adebayo, Mamie Barley and Nowai Kpartipa and Destiny Lewis who have been part of the program for many years.


“This group of seniors has played together since middle school, some of them, and I’ve had them for four years,” Shuman said. “They really fight to the end and encourage each other, rather than break each other down.”

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