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Mooseheart's Oumaru Abdulahi Sets Meet Record, Wins High Jump at 37th Annual Mooseheart Relays

By DARRYL MELLEMA, Associate Editor, Moose Magazine
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Mooseheart senior Noel Yarngo (left) clears a hurdle on his way to victory in the 110-meter high hurdles. Yarngo also finished second in the 100 meters.

Mooseheart junior Oumaru Abdulahi (right) crosses the finish line to win the 400-meter relay at Saturday's Mooseheart Relays. Abdulahi also won the high jump in the meet after clearing 6-8.

Mooseheart junior Sahr Mahoney nears the finish line and wins the 200 meters in Saturday's Mooseheart Relays.

U-Conjay Nelson approaches a hurdle in the 100-meter hurdles finals. Nelson did not place in the top six in the event but finished fifth in the 200 meters


MOOSEHEART, May 5, 2012 – If you blinked, you probably missed Mooseheart's Oumaru Abduahi winning the high jump competition at Saturday's Mooseheart Relays.

Even if you were generally watching the meet, it's still possible to have missed the Ramblers junior taking the title because the victory was finalized during the lunch break, during which most competitors headed to get some food.

But there was something eye-opening about Abdulahi's performance – a meet record 6-8, and the height he cleared to win the IHSA Class 1A state title in 2011 – although he was disappointed with his efforts. He attempted 6-10, which would have tied his personal best set earlier this season, but failed to clear the height.

“I think that I improved a little bit, but I don't think that I'm there mentally,” Abdulahi said. “Knowing that you can do something doesn't mean that you can do it. It's being prepared and making sure that your and your technique are there every time. Then you try to hit it every time the first time at a height.”

Abdulahi passed heights while the other competitors eliminated themselves. The next-highest jumper was Aurora Christian's C.J. Schutt, who cleared 5-8, far short of the 6-4 at which Abdulahi expected to enter the competition. As a result. Abdulahi won the event with the first jump he took.

But in his quest to jump 7 feet as well as to repeat as the state titlist, Abdulahi wasn't pleased with his jumps in major annual track meet to take place at Mooseheart, now in its 37th year as a small school event.

“I'm disappointed in myself, but that will just make me work harder as a person and as an athlete,” Abdulahi said. “If I don't make something or do something the right way, I have to sit down and say 'what am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?'”

Abdulahi and his teammates continued a fine spring with a series of strong performances at the Mooseheart Relays. The Ramblers won the Northeastern Athletic Conference title one week ago and are two weeks from competition in the IHSA postseason.

“I told the guys that this is the best track team that I have seen in the three years that I have been on this high school team,” Abdulahi said. “I am really proud of them. There's hard-workers and there's young guys stepping up, and that's really good.”

Mooseheart's other state qualifier in 2011 was Noel Yarngo, and the senior had a strong meet, winning the 110-meter hurdles and finishing second in the 100 meters.

“For four years, (Yarngo's) been doing well the whole time,” Mooseheart boys track coach Curt Schlinkmann said. “He's a tremendous athlete and we're going to miss him. He's a nice guy too, and it's going to be a blow to be without him.”

Mooseheart's other individual champion was Sahr Mahoney, who won the 200 meters. The Ramblers were also victors in the 400-meter relay.

“It was a fun meet,” Schlinkmann said. “We had some good results and some of the other schools had some good times. It was a nice day for running. Not too hot and not too cold, and it was dry.”

Schlinkman said he has seen a boost in his team's performances since it earned the NAC title.

“I think that helps, but it was nice to have a few other teams here to kind of bring our team to a little bit of a reality check that they've still got to work hard,” Schlinkmann said.

Mooseheart's varsity girls track team has three competitors this season, which means, among other things, that the Ramblers cannot enter any relay events.

“They did very well,” Mooseheart girls track coach Dave Klussendorf said. “Jen-Ni (Sorrano) set a personal-best in discus by about 6 feet. Madison (Hart) ran a good 1600 meters. I thought she could go for the school record but she tired a bit at the end. U-Conjay (Nelson) had a best time in the hurdles and I think she had a best time in the 200. That's all we've done this year is go for “P.B.'s”, personal bests.

The top result by Mooseheart's girls team were a pair of fifth-place finishes. Hart was fifth in the 800 meters while Nelson finished fifth in the 200 meters. Competing in front of fellow Mooseheart students and Moose members who traveled to support their team in the meet was a big deal for the Ramblers.

“Everyone likes to perform in front of their home fans,” Klussendorf said. “It's the last meet before the sectional, and that means something too, just like the last home football game does.”


37th Annual Mooseheart Relays
Track and Field Invitational
(Team results not kept)

Top 3 Finishers and Mooseheart Top 6 Finishers

Boys Results

Shotput: 1. Quienten Boston, Aurora Christian, 40-11; 2. John Gotteridge, St. Edward, 39-8; 3. Mason Rueger, Mooseheart, 39-0.

Discus: 1. Quienten Boston, Aurora Christian, 142-0; 2. C.J. Shutt, Aurora Christian, 128-8.5; 3. Mason Rueger, Mooseheart, 121-7.

Long Jump: 1. Mike Spika, Ottawa Marquette, 19-4.25; 2. Justin Gricar, Alden-Hebron, 19-2.25; Liam Rettenmeier, Aurora Central Catholic, 18-8.25; 4. JJ Odunsi, Mooseheart, 18-6.5; 5. Sam Strickland, 17-10.5.

High Jump: 1. Oumaru Abdulahi. Mooseheart, 6-8; 2. CJ Schutt, Aurora Christian, 5-8; 3. Mark Spika, Ottawa Marquette, 5-6; 4. Sam Strickland, Mooseheart, 5-6.

Triple Jump: 1. CJ Schutt, Aurora Christian, 40-0.5; 2. Isaac Jewett, Ottawa Marquette, 37-7.75; 3. Aldrin Vinton, Mooseheart, 36-9; 5 Wale Sanni, Mooseheart, 35-8.

110-Meter High Hurdles: 1. Noel Yarngo, Mooseheart, 15.43; 2. Patrick Lefevre, Aurora Central Catholic, 16.76; Kevin Olenek, St. Edward, 17.15; 4. Joe Feemorlu, Mooseheart, 17.16.

100 Meters: 1. Joe Fese, Aurora Central Catholic, 10.94; 2. Noel Yarngo, Mooseheart, 11.32; 3. Conner Robinson, Aurora Central Catholic, 11.89.

3200-meter Relay: 1. Ottawa Marquette, 8:41.64; 2. Mooseheart, 8:46.00; 3. St. Edward, 8:56.00.

400-meter Relay: 1. Mooseheart, 43.90; 2. Aurora Christian, 44.10; 3. Aurora Central Catholic, 45.20.

800 meters: 1. Matt Meyers, Aurora Central Catholic, 2:00.41; 2. James Weissensel, Ottawa Marquette, 2:01.73; 3. Jake Gehman, Aurora Christian, 2:03.77; 5. Jacob Ranum, Mooseheart, 2:09.42.

800-meter relay: 1. Aurora Christian, 1:32.67; 2. Aurora Central Catholic, 1:33.86; 3. Mooseheart, 1:34.77.

400 meters: 1. Jonathan Harrell, Aurora Christian, 50.46; 2. Billy Howorth, Aurora Christian, 51.65; 3. Cody Eckstrom, Aurora Central Catholic, 52.35; 4. Daniel Tucker, Mooseheart, 53.15; 5. Brandon Gadson, Mooseheart, 54.78.

1600 meters: 1. James Weissensel, Ottawa Marquette, 4:35.79; 2. Matt Meyers, Aurora Central Catholic, 4:38.55; 3. Luke Hill, Ottawa Marquette, 4:45.97; 6. Chris Gustafson, Mooseheart, 5:04.74.

200 meters: 1. Sahr Mahoney, Mooseheart, 23.50; 2. Davonte Elam, St. Edward, 24.27; 3. Dillon Howorth, Aurora Christian, 24.59; 4. Aldrin Vinton, Mooseheart, 24.69.

1600-meter relay: 1. Aurora Christian, 3:28.23; 2. Mooseheart, 3:34.38; 3. St. Edward, 3:45.08.

Girls Results

Shotput: 1. Anissa Razo, Ottawa Marquette, 37-11; 2. Cordy Murphy, Ottawa Marquette, 36-1; 3. Ariel Shumaker, Luther North, 31-11.5.

Discus: 1. Anissa Razo, Ottawa Marquette. 101-7; 2. Alyssa Henzel, Aurora Christian, 100-1; 3. Cordy Murphy, Ottawa Marquette, 86-5.75.

Long Jump: 1. Nicole Basile, Rosary, 16-5; 2. Vivian Barcalay, Christian Liberty, 15-10.75; Natasha Brown, Aurora Christian, 15-8.5.

High Jump: 1. Payton Wade, Aurora Christian, 5-0; 2. Ashley Wilk, Aurora Central Catholic, 4-10; 3. Carolina Wackerlin, Ottawa Marquette, 4-8.

Triple Jump: 1. Mackenzie Bollinger, Aurora Christian, 36-8.75; 2. Kayla Bushey, Luther North, 31-8; Becca Wert, Aurora Christian, 30-6.75.

100-Meter Hurdles: 1. Anna Duhig, Rosary, 18.27; 2. Jennifer Kurtz, Luther North, 19.52; 3. Kendall Adams, Aurora Central Catholic, 19.53.

100 Meters: 1. Natasha Brown, Aurora Christian, 12.75; 2. Vivian Barclay, Christian Liberty, 13.10; 3. Maddie Salonga, Aurora Christian, 13.26.

3200-meter relay: 1. Rosary, 10:05.40; 2. Aurora Christian, 10:27.00; 3. Christian Liberty, 10:38.00.

400-meter relay: 1. Aurora Christian, 50.21; 2. Rosary, 51.30; 3. Aurora Central Catholic, 52.88.

800 Meters: 1. Becca Wert, Aurora Christian, 2:26.14; 2. Dani Auritt, Ottawa Marquette, 2:27.31; 3. Sarina Oleson, Aurora Christian, 2:26.40; 5. Madison Hart, Mooseheart. 2:43.54.

800-meter relay: 1. Rosary, 1:47.93; 2. Aurora Christian, 1:48.23; 3. Aurora Central Catholic, 1:53.35.

800-meter medley relay: 1. Rosary, 1:54.0; 2. Luther North, 2:02.78; 3. Aurora Central Catholic, 2:17.0.

400 meters: 1. Kayla Bushey, Luther North, 1:03.60; 2. Megan Hagerty, Aurora Christian, 1:04.09; 3. Allison Taylor, Ottawa Marquette, 1:04.35.

1600 meters: 1. Dani Aurit. Ottawa Marquette, 5:24.06; 2. Becca Wert, Aurora Christian, 5:40.53; 3. Stephanie Chaires, Christian Liberty, 5:44.08.

200 meters: 1. Vivian Barcalay, Christian Liberty, 28.30; 2. Claire Nelson, Rosary, 29.15; 3. Nicole Basile, 29.31; 5. U-Conjay Nelson, Mooseheart, 29.67.

1600-meter relay: 1. Aurora Christian, 4:14.22; 2. Rosary, 4:29.51; 3. Ottawa Marquette, 4:31.07.


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